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Fire Flavoured Ramen 🔥
Made from Scratch
Unique Broth

Flavours from the east - to your plate.

We are bringing the next generation of Japanese-style ramen to the Greater Toronto Area. Kamen is a portmanteau based on two Japanese words. We took the ‘Ka’ from ‘Kazan’ meaning ‘volcano and combined it ‘Men’ meaning ‘noodles’ to create a name that represents what we are all about. With this name, we want to paint the fiery nature of many of our signature dishes / particular brands of ramen.


We offer a variety of bowls that are very unique in flavours, textures and taste. We want you to have our “Kamen” experience and leave satisfied. Our sophisticated, rich, and satisfying soup base that we make from scratch to create an exquisite harmony of flavors featuring chicken broth, seafood broth and vegetable broth.

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